A New Career at Your Age?

April 25, 2014

Fifty years ago, if you were in your forties or fifties and you told someone that you were going to start a new career, they would have asked, “A new career at your age? and the emphasis would have been on the word, your. Nowadays, you can even be 93 and no one would bat an eye; they might even ask, “What took you so long?”

Maybe it’s because people are living so much longer or maybe it’s because people are no longer tethered to one career for life, or maybe it’s because people are spending more time examining their choices and wondering if something better is just around the corner, that more people are starting new careers or new ventures later in life.

Look at all the women who want to be established in their career before starting a family. Many of them don’t start having children until their forties. Some of them, having made the decision early in life, to work on their career before settling down and starting a family, go to a fertility specialist in their twenties and have their eggs frozen so they can have successful pregnancies in their forties or fifties.

We are definitely seeing a cultural change regarding home, family, career, and the new fabric of society. We seem to want more and we’re prepared to do whatever it takes to have it. We’re also having to adjust our goals to match our older bodies, which is not something that was required fifty years ago when women got married younger and had their first baby in their teens or twenties.

We’re also seeing more spouses getting divorced later in life, after their children are grown, as well as more spouses deserting their family while their children are still growing up.

Maybe it’s an age factor; the older you get, the more you see your friends having major health problems or dying and you start to wonder how much time you have left where you still have all your faculties and you’re in relatively good health. And, suddenly, you want to do it all and have it all, while you still can.

And starting a new career or a new venture, at any age, sounds like a wonderful idea.

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