A Woman Worth Knowing

February 24, 2014

Michelle Puckett is in the business of giving help to people who are the victims of circumstance. She has a unique consignment store that sells designer clothes and accessory items from quality designers, like Chanel, Gucci and Ferragamo, for 80 percent below cost but she also has a nonprofit for people who have been out of work and are struggling to get their lives back on track.

In addition to her consignment shop, she started a nonprofit to help victims of domestic violence and senior citizens by lending clothing for job interviews and offering résumé services.  The clothes come from both donations and the consignment store, and they’re returned after use.

Her nonprofit has provided assistance to 148 disadvantaged and battered women, 22 struggling men and around 87 senior citizens, and nursing homes. She also provides disadvantaged women from local shelters with “Baskets of New Life” which contain hair products, makeup, jewelry and other accessories to help these women find a fresh start.

Anyone who has ever been out of work and out of money knows how depressing life can be. If you’re lucky and get a job interview, there is the problem of what to wear. For those women who have been battered and living in shelters, safety has to come first and everything else comes after that.

Most of these women, if they are lucky enough to be able to escape a violent relationship, are usually not lucky enough to be able to leave with clothing that makes them look successful for the business world. And that’s where Michelle Puckett’s nonprofit comes in. Through this arm of her business, she breathes new life and hope into people who have lost all hope for a decent life.

Many women don’t feel dressed for success unless they are wearing makeup and jewelry. They can be wearing the most expensive designer outfit but unless their hair is styled nicely and they are wearing makeup, they lack the confidence to interview well. Puckett knows this and that’s why she gives these “Baskets of New Life” to these women.

Puckett’s goal is to build her nonprofit and have people come in and shop, consign, and donate. Her compassion and sense of community definitely makes her a woman worth knowing.

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