Getting Rid of the Telemarketer Permanently

October 2, 2012

I doubt if there is anyone on the planet who welcomes the call of a telemarketer.  I realize that they have to earn a living but I don’t want it to be at my expense.

They are intrusive, calling at all hours of the day and night, interrupting family time, interrupting your sleep, interrupting dinner hour, interrupting important telephone calls (call waiting lets you put your important call on hold while you pick up the intrusive telemarketer’s call), and interrupting just about everything in your life.

A number of years ago, when I would receive one of these calls, I was pleasant, but firm.  I would ask them to remove my name from their list and they would assure me that it was being done as we spoke.  Of course, that wasn’t happening.  When they called again, I would ask to speak to their supervisor or manager and ask to be taken off their list.  And once again, I was assured this was being done.

During this time, there was one company that called me every single day from early in the morning until ten o’clock at night.  I took this for several months before rebelling.

One night, a little before ten o’clock, they called again (they had already called that morning) and I lambasted the telemarketer in the strongest possible words I have ever used.  Shortly after that, I was talking to one of my online friends and telling her how I finally resorted to barbarian behavior after reaching my wit’s end with these calls.

Then she provided me with the key to getting rid of them permanently.  She said that she used to work as a telemarketer and told me that telemarketers work on commission and if they’re making a sale, they will stay on the phone.  If they aren’t making a sale, they don’t want to stay on the phone because every minute they waste on someone who isn’t buying, takes away from their potential income.

Now I was armed with valuable information and I couldn’t wait to use it.

The next night, during what would have been my dinner hour if I hadn’t deliberately put my dinner on hold until I received their call, this same company called.  I told the representative that she was calling at an inopportune time and asked her to give me her home telephone number and said I would call her back.

She was quite indignant and told me that she doesn’t give out personal information and would never give out her home telephone number.  I told her that she had called me on my home telephone number and therefore, I expected her to give me her home telephone number.  She kept getting more and more annoyed with me and I knew I was making her as frustrated with my questions as I was with her company’s invasion of my privacy.

I kept her talking and watched the clock with a smug smile as the minutes ticked by.  And with every passing minute, I could hear the mounting frustration in her voice.  Eventually, she hung up on me.

The next night, someone else from her company called me and, in my sweetest, butter would melt in my mouth voice, when she identified the company, I asked her if she would hold on for just a minute and when she said OK, I put her call on Hold and watched the clock ticking away until she disconnected the call seven minutes later.

This went on for several days, me answering the calls and asking, in my sweetest voice if the representatives would hold on a minute and them saying they would, and me putting them on Hold until they disconnected the call.  No one from that company has ever called me again.

Since that tactic worked so well, I have since used it on many other telemarketer calls.  It works much better than the Do Not Call Registry, which wasn’t around in those days and has since proven useless, at least for my phone numbers.

If time is money, then make use of it.  You don’t have to be a victim of telemarketers; you just have to make them not want to waste their valuable time calling you.

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