Divorce Cakes

February 26, 2014

In the old days, when people got divorced, it was a quiet affair. Some people went out with their lover or their friends to celebrate. Some people stayed home and cried their eyes out. Some friends gave a little party to show their support, but never, in all my years have I seen the new trend of elaborate divorce cakes.

When you get married, you want a beautiful wedding cake to celebrate the occasion. It can be plain or exquisitely decorated but with this new divorce cake craze, I wonder if people enter into marriage with the idea that when they get a divorce, they can design the most outrageous divorce cake in the world.

I just got finished looking at a wide assortment of these divorce cakes. Some were funny and some were sad but they all made a statement. One of the cakes was an attorney divorce cake with a list of all the attorney’s fees for the divorce.

There was another one that had a man holding up a sign saying, “Homeless. Just divorced. I will work for food.” Another one was a three-tiered cake; the top layer had a woman in a white wedding gown, holding a bouquet of roses and it said, “I do.” The second layer said, “I did.” And the bottom layer said, “I’m done.”

There were several cakes that said, “Taking out the garbage” and it showed the bride or groom pulling the spouse toward the garbage pails. One of the cakes showed a bride on the top layer and the groom’s head and upper torso were immersed in the layer beneath it with his feet in the air. Many of the cakes showed blood and guts and signs that said “Free at Last” or “Freedom” and many showed one spouse with a knife pointed at the other one’s back.

It goes without saying that most of the cakes showed a split down the middle or the bride kicking the groom off the top layer of the cake. One of them showed a very realistic picture of a garbage pail with a white wedding gown and a bouquet of flowers partially sticking out of the top, and on the ground, leaning against the garbage pail was a banner that said, “Just divorced.”

I guess if you have to get divorced, you might as well have a little fun doing it.

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