Renting Toys

November 15, 2013

Renting Toys
There’s a new concept that I absolutely love.  An online company called is now renting toys for a fraction of what new toys cost.
They have different plans that range from $29.99 to $57.99 and parents can sign up for how many toys they want and how often they want them delivered.  The average shipment includes about $120.00 worth of toys and when the children get bored with them they can ship them back, free of charge and get a new shipment.
All toys are thoroughly disinfected and cleaned and parents can save a lot of money considering how often kids get bored with their toys.
In the old days, we used to donate our toys to charity, the ones that my brothers were bored with or outgrew.  If this company had been around when my brothers were young, my parents might have signed up with them, considering how fast children get tired of playing with the same toys.
Most people look at a child’s toy chest and see it overflowing with toys and think that the child can keep himself busy for hours at a time.  The child looks at his overflowing toy chest and wonders if there is anything in it that he wants to play with.
This probably isn’t too different from adults who program their iPods with songs and then grow tired of hearing the same selections.  They can almost memorize the rotation of songs no matter how many playlists they have or how many songs are on that playlist. 
In order to break up the monotony, they program the iPod to shuffle the songs, but no matter how many times the songs are shuffled, there are still the same number of songs and the same songs in each playlist.  And who has the time or the desire to keep changing the songs in each playlist?
I’m not a fan of repetition; I don’t like to read the same book twice or do repetitive tasks so I can empathize with children not wanting to play with the same toys every day.  The big difference is that a book takes longer to read than a toy takes a child to play with.
So, now when I see the concept of renting toys as children outgrow them or get bored with them, I think it’s a great idea.  It saves a bundle of money and because the toys are exchanged so often, they keep the kids entertained all year long.
I don’t know if children will become aware that their rented toys are not brand new or what their memories will be when they get older, but I think it’s worth a try.  At least the toys will be new to them even if they have been used by other kids before them.

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