Renting vs. Owning

May 24, 2013

As we grow older, our tastes change and so do our opinions. I think it’s called maturity. Or it could be called indecisiveness. I can’t be sure what the correct term would be, only that I seem to do that with so much of life.

My views during my twenties were vastly different from my views today. When I was young, I wanted to own whatever I had, not rent. I love being surrounded by beautiful things so if I have something that I think is beautiful, I want to enjoy seeing it all the time.

I guess it has something to do with finding beauty in a world that isn’t so beautiful so, when I do find something that I think is beautiful, I cherish it.

The item doesn’t have to be expensive; I just have to get a good feeling when I look at it. When things are going pear-shaped, I take great comfort in seeing it. I think this may be because most of these things weren’t given to me; I had to work hard to get them.

Now, here’s where my views have changed so radically from when I was young. Up until recently, I wanted to own these things so I could look at them every day and feel uplifted at the sight of them. Today, I have a different opinion.

I’ve always known that I have a very low threshold for boredom but what I didn’t know was that I would change my opinion about owning as opposed to renting.

Some of my paintings were gifted to me and, because of that, I wouldn’t change them or discard them. They hold a special place in my heart and I loved picking out frames that I thought would showcase them the best.

But the other paintings that I’ve had for the last several decades and have enjoyed so much, I’ve been thinking that I might like to rent some paintings or maybe find some people with whom I could exchange paintings for a few months.

I don’t know that I’d want to give them up permanently, but maybe some of them would like a new home for a few months. And then, when I got them back, it would be like welcoming a family member back from vacation.

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