Retirement Is Not for Everyone

February 26, 2013

I once had an auto repairman who came to your house or office in a fully equipped van with all kinds of parts for just about any car.  He diagnosed and repaired your car at more reasonable rates than a service station.

He was a lovely man, cheerful and knowledgeable about any car.  My car was very old and I loved the fact that it didn’t have to get towed to be fixed.  I think he liked me because I listened to his stories about the old days.  He also cut my repair bills down to half of what I had been paying at the garage.

This man was magic.  He could listen to my car and tell me what was wrong with it before he even tested it.  In the years he serviced it, I don’t recall him ever being wrong.  And, as I said, his prices were not only reasonable, they were half of what I had been paying at the service station.

One day, his wife called me and told me that her husband had a horrendous accident.  They had been at a dance at their retirement condominium’s clubhouse and another couple danced by them and the man turned to my repairman and said something to him and then punched him so hard, my repairman was knocked to the floor and suffered a brain injury.

His wife told me that he had lost his mental functions; he was like a 5-year-old child in a man’s body.  He couldn’t work again and they had no retirement income other than social security.  They didn’t have a pension fund and they didn’t have a savings account.

I know he worked because he needed the money but I also think he worked because he wasn’t the kind of man who liked sitting by the pool or playing shuffleboard during the day and cards at night.  He and his wife were in a terrible economic situation.

No one knows what set this other man off to punching the lights out on my repairman.  To this day, I can’t imagine anyone not liking him.  There was just nothing not to like about him.

The best that I could come up with at the time was that retirement is not for everyone.  It gives people too much time on their hands to think and brood and act inappropriately

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