The Height of Idiocy

July 24, 2014

Did you ever do something really stupid and not even realize how stupid it was, especially with a whole community watching you? Well, that’s what a 27-year-old pregnant woman did the other day but I don’t know if she expected everyone in her small community to find out in such a public way.

The co-owner of a boutique was just returning to the store when he saw a woman leaving it in a hurry with an armload of clothing and jewelry. Suspecting it was a theft, he checked security footage which showed the theft taking place.

Two hours after the robbery, he saw pictures on Facebook of the woman wearing four of the boutique’s stolen dresses, one of which was a neon, leopard pattern dress, which she was wearing on her updated profile picture.

He then posted a notice on Facebook telling of the robbery and showing her wearing the neon, leopard pattern dress. The post went viral. People from her community recognized her and called the police who arrested her.

Her only excuse after she was caught with her stash of clothing and jewelry was that there was nobody in there and that she could just take it. Apparently, she didn’t know that they were in the back, working in the storeroom, and that if she was in that great a hurry to get home, she could have at least left a thank you note for making her stolen goods so readily accessible.

I guess I can understand how depressed she must have been feeling to have been reduced to stealing when she realized she was down to her last neon, leopard dress. I mean, how can you possibly exist with only one neon, leopard dress in your closet?

At this point, she may be regretting her actions. Although she was released from jail on her own recognizance, she now has a police record and will either have to go to jail or pay a stiff fine and do community service, or all of the above.

The good news is that a lot of women saw the dress on the boutique’s website and want to buy that dress or something similar.

As for the well-dressed, pregnant thief, instead of wearing her stolen neon leopard dress, she may have to trade it in for a prison uniform. Can we say, orange is the new black?

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