The Tape We Hear Inside Our Head

February 28, 2015

I had often wondered why some people work hard to succeed and some people don’t want to work at all. Are we wired that way or are we listening to a tape that our parents and teachers planted inside our head from the time we were young through all the days of our life?

We know it’s not a case of genetics because those are medical traits that are handed down from parents to their offspring. So, if it’s not genetics, why are some people habitually lazy and others work so hard, they seldom come up for air?

The more I talk to people, the more I hear the kinds of conversations that went on in their homes from the time they were little to present day. There are some parents who emphasize the importance of hard work and there are some parents who tell their children not to work so hard.

If you hear that message over and over again, that’s the tape that will play in your head and shape your views about yourself and the kind of life you will lead. If you keep hearing that luck doesn’t enter into it, you make your own luck, then you will probably spend a lifetime looking for every opportunity to achieve your goals.

If you keep hearing your parents tell you not to work so hard, you will probably think you’re not smart enough to accomplish anything significant and give up on yourself without ever seeing those opportunities in relation to you. Everything you start, will end in frustration and anger that you don’t have what it takes to succeed.

But, what if you could rewind that tape? What if you could tell yourself that the message you’ve been hearing all your life has been wrong? What if you could give yourself a different message?

If you were very overweight, it might not do much good to get on a scale to weigh yourself. But, what if you were naked and put a bag over your head with slits for eyes and stood in front of a mirror?

For one thing, you wouldn’t have any distractions. You wouldn’t be looking at your facial features or your hair. You wouldn’t see your imperfections of a nose that might be too long or eyes that were too close together. All you would be seeing is your naked body looking back at you in the mirror and telling you to go on a diet because that’s how you truly look.

It’s the same thing with that internal tape inside your head. You keep hearing it repeat the same messages and you don’t see yourself as you truly are. If you were always told not to work so hard, you don’t see the opportunities in front of you; all you see are your limitations and that even if you worked hard, you still wouldn’t be able to achieve your goals.

On the other hand, if you always heard that hard work will bring you success, that’s the internal message that will always steer you in the direction of seizing every opportunity and making the most of it. And you can change the tape that keeps playing in your head, but you have to want it badly enough to do something to change it.

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