You Probably Think You’re Not an Addict

May 31, 2013

Most people would be horrified to hear someone refer to them as an addict but the truth remains that most people are addicts without even realizing it.

Tell someone the power is out and the area is flooded so that no one can come in or out of your neighborhood. The electricity is out and the cell phone towers are out. Then watch the facial expression change from placid to anguished.

He suddenly realizes he can’t get on Facebook or Twitter. He can’t text anyone or email or IM anyone. And his whole life seems to have been pulled out from under him.

It does no good to tell him that a lot of households are in the same situation. He wants to get on the Internet and he wants to get on it NOW! And, because of the flooding, even the telephone lines are down, but that’s irrelevant because he only has a cell phone.

You don’t have to be addicted to drugs to be classified as an addict. Just ask the coffee drinker if he can survive his day if he doesn’t get his coffee “fix.” Then, watch him go into withdrawal symptoms as the day passes without his caffeine intake.

One of the most common addictions and, the least recognized, is the sugar addiction. This is more than just having the tremors, depression, anxiety, poor concentration and a feeling that you are jumping out of your skin like that of a drug addict or an alcoholic; it’s a feeling that you are out of control and you don’t know why.

All of the things that I mentioned can be controlled. Give up your electronic gadgets, caffeine, sugar, cigarettes, and alcohol, and you can reclaim your life.

But, there is one addiction that you can’t give up and that is your addiction to food. We have a symbiotic relationship with food so we can’t give it up and moderation does not remove the addiction; in fact, it makes it harder.

Ask anyone who has ever had a food addiction how he fares when he diets all week and then binges on food on the weekends. It’s an almost impossible situation for a genuine food addict. The taste of the weekend food has him craving it as soon as he goes back to dieting.

So, now ask yourself if you’re an addict.

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