A Surreal Experience

November 6, 2014

I just had a surreal experience and if I hadn’t been with my friend when it happened, I would have thought I had dreamed it or imagined it.

Several days ago, I wrote about calling a restaurant that my friend and I had decided to try. The woman who answered the phone told me what was on the menu and the prices. When I asked for the address and directions to the restaurant, I gave the phone to my friend because he was the one driving.

The address I was given was different from the address this same woman gave my friend, as were the landmarks. We ended up at a completely different restaurant that had nowhere near the variety of foods that the woman had told me about. We were hungry so we ate there rather than driving around trying to find the other place.

I struggled over whether to phone the owner of the first restaurant and then I came to the decision that if I were the owner of that restaurant, I would want to know if one of my employees was telling my customers to go elsewhere. So, I decided to call the restaurant and speak to the owner. And here’s where it gets surrealistic.

I had gone online to find a restaurant near us and found one that looked interesting. They had a wide assortment of foods with pictures of them. They all looked mouthwatering and very different from the usual fare. I noted the address and called them.

When I went back to the website, the name of the restaurant was the same and the phone number was the same, but everything else was different. I called and asked if they had one of the meals I had wanted to try and they said no. I asked if they had ever had that item and they said no, they had always had the same items and those were the only things they ever advertised.

Then I looked at all the restaurants on that page, and I know it was the same page because all of it looked familiar. The only thing that was different was the menu. That was radically different and not the least appealing. I called all of the restaurants on that page and none of them had ever carried the kinds of foods that were on the other menu.

If it weren’t for the fact that my friend was with me and shared this experience, I’d have thought that I had imagined the whole thing.

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