Almost Everyone Here Is an Immigrant

March 30, 2015

Anyone who was born in America before Columbus came here can technically be called an American; anyone who came here after Columbus discovered America can technically be called an immigrant. And that makes almost everyone in America an immigrant.

So why all this fuss about immigration?

We hear all these stories about illegal immigrants using our tax dollars for education, healthcare, etc., but if we didn’t deport immigrants and we had open borders, there wouldn’t be any illegal immigrants.

So what do we do with all these people who see America as the land of milk and honey, the ones who see America as having streets paved with gold?

For one thing we open our borders and welcome everyone in and sign them up with social security numbers and tell them, “Welcome to the United States. Now you must pay into Social Security and pay taxes every year.”

If they want to become citizens, they would be required to bring IRS tax returns for the last five years before their application is accepted.

Everyone should be required to pay taxes and pay into the Social Security system.

And therefore, everyone would be entitled to free education and the same health care that everyone else receives.

We keep hearing arguments that there aren’t enough young people paying into the system and that we’re going bankrupt because we will soon have a nation of old people.

So, let us stop deporting the young people. Let them come to this country and stay in this country. Let them pay for the same privileges that the rest of us do and take advantage of the same privileges that we have because they have paid for them.

We allow them to come to this country on student visas and work permits and then we ship them out right after they have taken advantage of our universities and corporations without giving anything back to this country.

If they have profited from our universities, we want them to put that knowledge to use in this country, not take it back to their own country. If they have learned how to manage a big company or how to start their own company, we want them to implement that knowledge in this country.

Let’s open the borders; do away with immigration quotas and let these immigrants contribute to the growth and wealth of America. Let’s welcome the future workers and taxpayers of America.

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