Another Cheating Scandal

June 23, 2014

Something is terribly wrong with the way children are being raised to think that cheating on exams is acceptable. And something is terribly wrong that, after all this time, educators don’t know how to give these tests and monitor their classes.

First, I’ll address the stupidity of a teacher who leaves the exam’s answer key on her desk and then leaves the classroom to go out in the hall. This is not only stupid; it’s irresponsible. With technology the way it is nowadays, no cell phones should be allowed in class, especially during tests, and no teacher should ever go out in the hall during a test.

Second of all, if teachers weren’t so lazy, they would make up two tests and distribute them to every other row so that students couldn’t lean over and copy the answers from someone else’s paper. If rows 1, 3, and 5 all got one test and rows 2, 4, and 6 all got a different test, especially if students weren’t expecting it, it would be next to impossible to copy someone’s answers.

In this particular cheating scandal, two Junior high school students sneaked into a classroom and took cell phone pictures of the exam’s answer key while the teacher was in the hallway. In a group text, they then shared it with all the other students.

Result: In a DUH! moment, the teacher noticed that ALL the students got 100% on the test and she reported it to the administration. Now, the entire class must go back to school to retake the exam. School officials are also looking into disciplinary action.

The School Superintendent said, “These kids were in the eleventh grade – clearly they knew that what they were doing was wrong. I’m a little disappointed that they would choose to not only take a picture of an answer key but then share it globally. It’s disappointing that at this age we have to have that conversation with them.”

And here’s the crux of the situation: Not only did their parents fail their children in not raising them with moral values, but the School Superintendent said that she’s “a little disappointed” with their action. She should have been outraged. She should have said that she was very disappointed, shocked and disappointed.

I wonder if the teacher would ever had had an aha! moment if some of the students deliberately made a mistake or two to throw the teacher offtrack so they wouldn’t be caught cheating.

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