Another Embarrassing Moment

July 4, 2014

Sometimes it feels as though I go from one embarrassing moment to another. Take the other day. I was expecting an insulation company to come to the house to give me a quote. We had a 6:30 p.m. appointment.

The night before the appointment, I went to sleep earlier than usual. When I go to sleep, I put my laptop away and clear my bed of whatever I’m working on, so that I would know that this is bedtime and my day is over.

I had set my alarm clock for 5:30 p.m. and at six o’clock, I woke up suddenly and realized that I must have slept through both alarms. I jumped out of bed, got showered and dressed quickly, and then looked at my website to see if the day’s blog got posted. It had not, so then I had to make a decision. It was now 6:30 and the day was over and I had to decide whether to post the blog or wait until the next day.

The insulation company had seemed eager to do the job and the owner had said she would be at my house at 6:30 p.m. but it was now fifteen minutes past our appointment. I called her cell phone and left her a voice mail telling her that we had a 6:30 appointment and that it was now a quarter to seven.

A few minutes later, she returned my call and said that she never makes an appointment for six thirty in the morning. I told her that we made the appointment for six thirty in the evening but she didn’t come and that I was waiting for her to get here.

The woman was very nice. She told me that it was now six thirty in the morning and not six thirty in the evening and that I should go back to bed and she would see me twelve hours later. At that precise moment, I realized I had only slept for a couple of hours, not the whole night, as I had thought.

And that’s when I had an aha! moment. The sun, streaming through sheer window curtains in the bathroom, looks exactly the same at six thirty in the morning as it does at six thirty in the evening.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

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