I Was Left Behind

May 22, 2011

May 21, 2011, 5:55 PM, I looked at my clocks and synchronized them in preparation for the Rapture.  At 6:05 PM, I looked at my synchronized clocks and decided that the Rapture must have come and gone, leaving me behind, because I was still here.

This got me to thinking about the spiritual meaning of the Rapture.  Many decades ago, I had read about the theory that when Judgment Day came, there were going to be 144,000 spiritual people who were going to be admitted to heaven, leaving everyone else behind.  I wondered about that.  The theory didn’t stipulate that the 144,000 people had to be religious or that they had to believe in God, only that they had to be spiritual.

Spiritual vs. Religious.  Spirituality vs. Religiosity.  And that was how I became interested in metaphysics and Universal Laws.

I started wondering what heaven would look like with untold numbers of religions and sects vying for first place at the right hand of God.  Would it resemble a traffic jam with bumper-to-bumper Baptists, Catholics, Protestants, Jews, Buddhists, Methodists, Muslims, and numerous other religions from around the world in a holding pattern, each proclaiming that their way is the only way and wondering why nonbelievers were not in hell, or at least the nonbelievers of their particular religion were not in hell?

And then I started thinking that 144,000 spiritual people from all over the world isn’t very many at all.  That would be a very sad commentary on our civilization and not a very optimistic one, at that.

Just 144,000 spiritual people out of billions of people on the planet?  If it was 144,000 spiritual people in your state or in your country, I could imagine people looking at each other and wondering if they were more spiritual than their neighbor.  But in the whole world?  People would have no real standard of measurement to ascertain who their competition was.  But then, again, that, in itself would be very unspiritual.

Spiritual is as spiritual does.  Our spiritual selves are not in competition with others but within ourselves, to prod us to live in accordance with the higher laws of the universe rather than the man-made laws.

It is the innate drive within each of us to live in accordance with the spirit of the law rather than the letter of the law.  And whether we recognize this force within us on a daily basis, it is there nonetheless and, in moments of clarity, we acknowledge our actions in the larger scheme of things.

So, that brings us back to my musings about Judgment Day and why I figured I was left behind when the Rapture came.  I thought about my life and what I had contributed to humanity.  I also thought about what I had accomplished and what I had failed to accomplish.  This left quite a checklist.

Since I’m female, and born in an era when women were supposed to be the heart of the home, nurturer, caretaker, and living in a man’s world, I figured I was a dismal failure.  In my day, women were supposed to be good cooks and seamstresses, or at least know how to sew a button on a garment; that eliminated me as a candidate for experiencing the Rapture.

I once remarked to someone that I wasn’t the domestic goddess of my county, to which the response was, “You’re not the domestic goddess of the planet.”

I have always believed that if we’re still here on earth, then we haven’t accomplished our mission and we still have much more work to do.  If God is keeping a score card on each of us, and if one of the things I was supposed to learn in this life is how to love cooking and cleaning and letting others solve my problems so that I wouldn’t have to worry “my pretty little head,” then I figure I’ll still be left behind when the real Armageddon comes around.

There has been so much hoopla over the Rapture and all the people who were preparing for it in sundry ways and having to live with the disappointment of not being able to leave their earthly responsibilities behind, that it makes me wonder if God would really let us know the time and date of Judgment Day.  I think not.

Apparently, Apple shares that belief because I heard that they came out with a new app called iRapture and one of their employees said that it was hoped that the Rapture would really come on May 21st because then they wouldn’t have to attend a boring meeting on May 22nd.

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