Baby Technology

September 23, 2013

The newest technology for monitoring your baby probably sounds like the best thing since sliced bread, but I don’t like the idea at all. If your baby is sick, it could have advantages, but if your baby is well, it takes away the joy of bonding with him or her.

Enter a monitor that attaches to a baby’s ankle that looks eerily similar to the ankle bracelets that prisoners wear when they get out on parole. And it looks very uncomfortable but, aside from crying, babies have no other way of verbalizing their discomfort.

I’m not against the baby monitors that you can take with you so that you can hear the baby from wherever you are. I think they were a wonderful invention. As soon as your baby gets up from his nap, you can hear him waking up and can go into his room and take care of him.

The new baby monitor that attaches to a baby’s ankle goes well beyond that. This one tells you when your baby will wake up from his nap and then sends you a text message or an email when he actually does wake up.

The monitor’s insight reports can be accessed on smartphones and other devices and will also tell you the baby’s heart rate, skin temperature and movement, as well as the room temperature, humidity, noise and light levels.

Scary. The next thing we know, all of your baby’s data will be entered into the government’s NSA databanks that are illegally collecting and storing all of our phone calls, emails, and every other kind of personal information on each of us.

This new device gives you so much information that it will probably be used against your child all the days of his life.

But let’s look at what it’s doing in the short-term. New parents are often afraid to pick up their newborn child for fear of breaking him and this new device may deprive them of that bonding. It may encourage them to have a hands-free relationship with their baby and, worst of all, their child may not get the loving touches he needs for his emotional development.

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