From Where I’m Sitting

Thoughts & Ruminations

Thoughts can come out of nowhere. You can be staring into space or waking up from a dream. You can be folding your laundry or driving to work and thought after thought chases around in your mind. But out of the blue, one thought catches your attention and you start to ruminate on the possibilities of that thought.

From Where I’m Sitting is a collection of such ruminations. They started with passing thoughts until, one by one, they caught fire and led the author to explore the myriad possibilities in each one.

From Where I’m Sitting explores thought-provoking issues from the womb to the tomb. No subject is off-limits as long as it concerns the way people deal with life. The book takes a look at societal changes, politics, relationships, technology, old age, children, the environment, health, education, outer space, finances, career planning, and so much more.

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