Purple Days and Starry Nights

When we think of the color purple, we think of royalty and wealth because the earliest dye was so expensive to produce that only the nobility were allowed to wear it.  In fact, it was against the law for commoners to own purple garments.

But, the color purple has a hidden symbol, a mystical one.  In esoteric terms, it is the language of the divine.  The crown chakra, the spiritual center that is located at the top of the head, when fully awakened, is the bridge between the human mind and the divine consciousness.

There is a sense of mystery that surrounds the color purple and a night sky that looks as if the stars are suspended in midair, hanging so low, that they are within touching distance.  It’s easy to imagine the visionary and the magician touching souls on this plane of consciousness and soaring into the heavens on angel’s wings.

In today’s frenetic-paced world, we rarely think of the esoteric meanings behind our beliefs, and our beliefs often act as a barrier in society rather than as a way of understanding each other.  The time has come for us to find a way to combine the human and the divine elements in each of us, and to live and work together in peace and harmony.

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