Reaching for the Brass Ring of Life

The merry-go-round has always been a favorite of old and young, alike.  No matter how many scary rides are at the amusement park, you always come back to the merry-go-round and try to snag the brass ring.

It’s interesting to watch the very cautious tentatively reach out for it, afraid that if they lean over too far, they will fall off the horse. The high-risktakers reach all the way out and take a chance that by reaching out as far as they can, they will grab hold of the coveted prize.

So, too, with life.  Those who are afraid to take chances will never know the thrill of overcoming the obstacles placed in the path of each of us.  Whereas those who aren’t afraid to reach beyond their limitations are the ones who, in reaching out for the brass ring of life, achieve the greatest success.

So who will grab the brass ring? Who will shrink from the task? This book looks deeply at the many aspects of relationships, how technology and the economy affect every facet of our lives, business and societal issues, education, politics, health, and so much more.

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