Born Old, Getting Younger

October 14, 2014

Many years ago, I read a book about people going through the aging process in reverse. The author posed the concept of people living and dying in reverse order of what we know as the life cycle. His theory was that we have all this energy when we’re very young and, as we get older, we tire more easily and all the wisdom we’ve acquired is wasted because we can’t do much with it.

Now comes a different theory and this time from the scientific community. One of the scientists has gone on record saying that we are evolving into a new type of human that will be comparable to the change from apes to humans. And he said that a different species will have evolved by 2050, just a few decades from now.

He claims that we will live longer, have children in old age, rely on robots to do mundane tasks, and spend a large amount of our time in virtual reality.

When you think about this prediction, it’s not so far-fetched. Right now there are thousands of people living past 100, many of them doing things that were once the province of much younger people. It’s also easy to believe that we’ll have children in old age because so many women are freezing their eggs when they are young and using them to become pregnant long past their biological clock.

He also made the statement that we will rely on robots to do mundane tasks. Again, not difficult to believe. Right now they are being used in robotic surgery, a lot more specialized than just performing mundane tasks. As for robots doing mundane tasks, little by little, they are replacing unskilled workers.

I smiled when I read that in the future we’ll be spending a large amount of our time in virtual reality. What does he think we’re doing now? For the longest time, there have been websites devoted to living in virtual reality, including many sexual virtual reality websites.

And what does he think Facebook is, if not a form of virtual reality? With the click of a button you can have hundreds, if not thousands, of virtual “friends.” You can interact with them as if you actually know them and can share intimate details of your life.

If these things are the criteria of how we’re going to evolve into a new species, I’d say the groundwork has already been laid and we’re almost there.

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