Breaking Buying Habits

May 1, 2014

When I was first getting started in life as an adult, if I needed something from the store, I would buy just one of them. Invariably, the next time I needed that same item, all the stores were out of them. Eventually, I had enough money to buy two of them, one that I was going to use immediately and one that I could keep as a spare.

This worked very well for a long while. I was also able to save money by not having to go out every time I needed something so I got into the habit of always buying what I needed and keeping something in reserve. Then, I found myself buying several of the items and when they were on sale, I would stock up.

It still made good sense to me to do it this way. I was able to save on gas for my car as well as saving on the sale items. I was even proud of the way I was learning to economize.

Nowadays, many of the things that I need are for my computer or other electronic gadgets, and my old buying habits are not working out for me. At first, I couldn’t understand why something that had worked so well for me for all these years, suddenly stopped working out for me. Then it hit me.

When I saw a sale on floppy disks, I stocked up on them. And, before I knew it, they were outdated, replaced by CDs. Admittedly, I’m still using my floppy disks for my WordPerfect 5.1 DOS program but if I ever have to give up my DOS program, I don’t know what I’ll do with a truckload of floppy disks.

For that matter, when the first floppy disks came out, the very large round ones that bent and broke easily, I bought a lot of them, and I think I still have some of them among my other relics like my 78 RPM vinyl records and eight-track tapes.

But my biggest learning experience was when I realized that it doesn’t make sense to stock up on technology products because as soon as you buy them, new, and often, better technology replaces them, and the cost goes down substantially.

Lesson learned. I’m back to buying one at a time as I need it.

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