Whispers of the Soul®

Whispers of the Soul® is a collection of reflective thoughts set to poetry; it is the inspired work of Connie H. Deutsch, acclaimed personal advisor who has been in private practice for almost 40 years. Her counseling strategies and spiritual wisdom are now available to the public for the first time in two beautifully narrated CD’s and a classically illustrated book.

Whispers of the Soul® for Meditation CD is a chronicle of Connie’s spiritual journey, the periodic inner battles of frustration alternating with a deep connection to God. The listener can feel Connie’s impatient desire to attain the level of God-consciousness NOW and the acceptance that it is a process that takes a lifetime and can’t be rushed.

Whispers of the Soul® for Relationships CD was the outgrowth of more than 30 years of doing spiritual counseling and a lifetime of studying human nature. She owes a debt of gratitude to her clients for giving her the opportunity to help them identify their feelings, change their destructive behavior patterns, heal their souls, and to guide them into happy, productive lives. The words and music grip the listener as they take you into the lives of all types of relationships and help you understand the behavior patterns of the people in your life.

Whispers of the Soul® for Meditation


From the dawn of time, humankind has been searching for self-realization, the spiritual connection of one’s self to the God within. Whispers of the Soul™ for Meditation is a collection of meditative reflections, set in poetry form, that gives the listener the opportunity to experience the knowingness of a realized spiritual awakening. Each meditation pierces the veil of illusion that we are separate from the Divine and beckons listeners to open the door to their own spiritual journey.

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Whispers of the Soul® for Relationships


This CD represents a collection of poems that reflect both the joyful and painful emotions we experience in many types of relationships: the family, home, workplace, marriage, dating, friendships, and most important, the relationship we have with ourself. Free yourself from debilitating patterns of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that keep you and your relationships in a cycle of pain and shattered dreams.

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Price: $15.00

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