Christmas Memories

December 26, 2014

Yesterday was Christmas and I woke up with a fierce craving for a piece of rich, gooey, chocolate cake with chocolate fudge and a scoop of ice cream. The kind of dessert that should come with a warning label that says that it’s illegal or immoral and eating it is at your own peril.

I was telling someone very dear to me about a restaurant that’s been in business for at least thirty years, and how, when one of my friends came to visit me, I took him there for dinner.

I told her that we had ordered a little of this and a little of that because we wanted to try all their specialties. Near the end of the meal, we noticed that the waiter had forgotten to bring one of our appetizers and we reminded him of it. He took a look at us and at the dishes waiting to be cleared away and he said, “You’ve had enough to eat.”

After we stopped laughing about the incident, she told me she was going to call that restaurant and make a reservation for me. When I got there, I was seated at a lovely table away from the kitchen and away from the noisy crowd and who should be my waiter, but the same waiter from fifteen years ago who told us we had had enough to eat. This time, he was Mr. Personality Personified. He didn’t even blanch too much when I described the kind of dessert I wanted.

Another delightful change was that this time I was seated near a table of senior citizens who were having the most interesting conversations. As I was leaving, I walked over to them and told them that I didn’t mean to eavesdrop but their voices carried and I thanked them for discussing such interesting topics. I told them that a few years ago I had written a book in which I talked about being seated near people whose only conversations were about their surgeries and their medicines.

When I said that I had decided from then on to only sit near people in their twenties whose main topic of conversation is usually about their dating experiences, one of the women at the table nodded in agreement and said, “Older people usually start their dinner with an organ appetizer.”

I laughed all the way home.

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