Christmas . . . Or Is it?

December 11, 2014

I’m a little bit confused. By this time of year, with only two weeks to go until Christmas, no one is acting like it’s Christmas.

In previous years, supermarket employees were walking around with reindeer hats or red hats with bells on it, driving everyone crazy with the tinkle, tinkle, tinkle of numerous bells going off as employees walked by. And supermarket employees would be complaining about their Santa hats giving them headaches. This year, nothing.

No reindeer hats. No Santa hats. No red hats with bells on them. No nothing. I tell people I know, that if I don’t see them before the holidays, to have a merry Christmas and a happy New Year, and they look at me with a blank expression and say, “Oh, yeah, it’s Christmas. Well, same to you. If I don’t see you before the holidays, I wish you the same.”

Is Christmas really just two weeks away? It sure doesn’t feel like it. Of course there are the usual artificial Christmas trees that go up in the stores right before Thanksgiving or, in some cases, the day after Thanksgiving, but that’s about the only nod toward the Christmas holidays that I’ve been seeing.

I saw much more enthusiasm for Halloween. Employees walked around with Halloween costumes wishing everyone a Happy Halloween. Some of them even walked around with masks. But everyone knew that it was Halloween. No one looked at me with a blank expression when I wished them a Happy Halloween. And Halloween isn’t even a national holiday.

Christmas is a national holiday and the response has been lukewarm. Maybe stores have told their employees that there won’t be any bonuses this year and that a corporate decision has been made to close most of their stores. I don’t know what the reason is but I do know what I’m feeling when I walk into the stores.

In fact, I’m still seeing leftover Halloween Corn candy on sale in some of the stores. If I were the owner of those stores, since Corn candy is orange and white, I probably would have packaged them as the new Thanksgiving candy the same way that they tell people that orange is the new black.

And to avoid the blank expressions on their faces, I’m going to start wishing everyone a Merry Something and a Happy Everything.

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