Deporting Justin Bieber

January 30, 2014

With all that is going on in the news, nationally and globally, it’s amazing that the White House is considering deporting Justin Bieber to Canada. But it seems to be true.

The White House has promised to review any petition that has garnered more than 100,000 signatures within thirty days, and the petition to send Bieber back to Canada has already gotten 102,000 signatures in six days.

As far as political red herrings go, this one beats them all. Instead of passing meaningful immigration laws that are plaguing this country, politicians are throwing Justin Bieber into the national news and trying to make him an important news item.

Bieber is not a news item. He’s just an immature kid who achieved celebrity status too soon and doesn’t know how to handle his instant stardom.

When I was thirteen, the “bad boy” on the block egged our house one Halloween. He wasn’t a celebrity and he didn’t make the news and because he was a US citizen, there was no ruckus about deporting him. But, in those days, even if he had been an immigrant, no one would have thought about deporting him because immigration was not a hot political button at that time.

It seems ridiculous to even consider deporting a kid on the basis of his immaturity. He may have egged a house, taken drugs, drag raced through the streets, and done other things not to our liking but he’s no different from other immature kids who were born in this country.

The big difference is that now politicians are trying to wiggle out of solving the immigration problem, and Justin Bieber is their latest political red herring.

Let’s focus on Bieber and get everyone’s mind off the greater problem of who should be allowed to have citizenship. Does a person whose parents brought him to this country when he was a baby have the right to be a citizen? What if he went to school here, worked here, paid taxes in this country, is he still considered an illegal immigrant?

This is the real issue. Justin Bieber’s hijinks are taking our focus away from the real immigration problem. If he has broken laws, take away his work permit, put him in jail, but don’t make our immigration policies center around a spoiled, immature kid.

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