Do You Type?

July 30, 2013

We can all remember the days when a woman would go on a job interview and the first question she would be asked was, “Do you type?” It didn’t matter what position she was applying for, she was still asked whether she could type.

Men were never asked if they could type when they applied for a job and, if they were, they almost always said they couldn’t. Perhaps it was an unwritten code that made men afraid to admit that they could do something that was relegated to women’s work.

It was like housework. Men didn’t admit that they knew how to vacuum a floor or wash dishes. They didn’t acknowledge that they could make their bed or do their laundry. Their excuse was that these chores were women’s work.

But then, the most amazing things started to happen. When men entered the military service, they were expected to make their bed, do their laundry, and keep their quarters sparkling clean. And they found that they could do these tasks better than most women.

When computers first came out, men scrambled to learn the keyboard so they could play with their new toys. They learned how to type so they could send emails and look up information on the information highway.

They also learned how to type well enough to visit porn sites and shopping sites. Suddenly, there was no division between women’s work and men’s work as long as it was connected to a work environment.

In the house, it was another story. The learning curve didn’t extend to learning how to vacuum a floor, take out garbage, dust the furniture, run a load of wash, or do the grocery shopping. It was still the same old, same old, “Pass the peanuts, dear” while he watched a football game, having walked away from the dinner table without putting his dishes in the sink.

But times are changing. You can see it in the number of men who now work from home while their wives go out to work. They learn how to prepare meals for the family, do housework, and take care of the children.

Couples today have more equality in their relationships than ever before. Maybe now that women don’t have to shoulder the grunt work at home they won’t have to resent their husbands for their lack of participation in the chores. And maybe that will lead to fewer divorces.

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