Dreaming in Color

February 8, 2014

My dreams have always played an important part of my life. The really meaningful ones are in color and leave memories that are too vivid to forget. They are the ones that prompt me to think about a situation in ways that I hadn’t considered before and to take whatever action is needed, even when I hadn’t realized that an action was needed.

When we hear terms like thinking outside the box, most people are tapping into their unconscious mind where their dreams reside. It’s the hidden part of a person and probably the most interesting part of a person because it’s not affected by the opinions of society or of one’s family and friends.

The most creative people in the world are those who tap into their dreams for their ideas. Sometimes it seems as though they are staring into space, accomplishing nothing but the reality is that this is their most productive time.

President Jimmy Carter and his wife, Rosalynn, were both writing books. The president is one of those people who can sit down and start to write. His wife is not one of those people.

One day, the president walked past their bedroom and saw Rosalynn lying on the bed, staring into space. He said, “I thought you were writing a book” and she said, “I am.” What her husband didn’t realize was that although it looked like she was staring into space and accomplishing nothing, she was actually tapping into that hidden part of her, the unconscious mind, for her creative ideas.

I loved Rosalynn Carter’s book, First Lady from Plains, and it was a national bestseller, which just goes to prove that the time she spent staring into space was worth every second of her active\passive writing style. I call it an active\passive writing style because she is actively writing about something in a passive way.

This active\passive style is also how I would classify meditation. To meditate effectively, you cannot pursue it aggressively; you have to clear your mind of all thoughts and let it come to you.

This, then, is the essence of spirituality; it is the pathway to your higher consciousness where perfection resides. By tapping into your unconscious mind, the repository of your creative ideas, you are also tapping into the beginning of the soul’s quest for perfection,

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