Early Voting

October 25, 2014

When the early voting locations opened on Monday, I hurried over there. It was a beautiful, sunshiny day and I was going to do my civic duty, something that I’ve always considered a privilege, not a right. I’ve never missed voting in a primary or a general election but, this year, I could have easily given it a miss.

Our present governor is a known crook whose company defrauded Medicare and had to reimburse the federal government over $600 million dollars. Spending $75 million of his own money, he narrowly defeated his opponent in the last election. His opponent this time is a former governor whose voting record on important issues was not that impressive. I voted for the unimpressive former governor rather than the known crook who has done nothing for our state during his tenure.

I voted against the incumbents of our city government who wouldn’t do anything to correct the egregious mistake that their water company made on my water bill, charging me $818 for one month’s water usage, enough to create a lake and sink my house. They will probably get reelected but I wanted to exercise my right as a citizen of our fair community, to vote against them.

And, let’s not forget the bond issues. In the past, I’ve voted in favor of many of the bond issues, but not this time. In either my naïveté or my ignorance, I thought if I voted in favor of giving permission to use x amount of money for a variety of projects, that the money would be used for what it was intended. Instead, they took took it as permission to use the funds as a blank check.

I will not vote for any bill that gives permission to spend money on a variety of projects. I will only vote for spending on a per project basis if I approve of the project and if I approve of the amount they want to spend.

In essence, I’m treating government spending the way I do my personal spending. I don’t throw money away. I look at each expenditure very carefully and only spend on things I need. If I have a little left over, I might spend some of it on something I want, but don’t necessarily need.

And I voted against giving government the right to fill a vacancy without a general election.

When I left the building, it was raining buckets, a good indicator that my votes matched the weather.

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