Facebook Friends

November 7, 2014

I’m sitting here, wondering at the ease with which some people are able to make friends both, on Facebook and in real life. Granted, it’s a lot easier on a virtual reality site than it is in real life, especially for introverts but, still, it’s an amazing dynamic.

As a newbie, I thought I might make a few Facebook friends, but that’s really all I ever expected to make. I interact with some posters but not many, and not as often as I see other posters. I’m not a political animal so I don’t engage much in those discussions although I take a position on an issue when I feel so inclined, which is not that often, or as much. I save most of my commentaries for my daily blogs on my website instead of posting them on Facebook.

So, what is this drawing card that attracts people to each other on Facebook? I have seen some posters who have more than 5,000 Facebook friends. How does one get 5,000 Facebook friends? In real life, my maximum number of friends has always been 2 or 3 friends, so I keep wondering where all my new virtual friends are coming from. I also keep wondering how anyone could have 5,000 of them, virtual or otherwise.

Where do these friends come from and why do they come to an individual’s site? I might be able to understand it better if I were involved in a particular vocation or avocation that was a popular drawing card for the masses.

I noticed that most posters share pictures of their family and friends, along with pictures of their vacation spots or favorite hangouts. I used to have a point and click camera that I used from time to time but then it broke. About year or two after that, I received another camera as a gift but I haven’t been able to figure out how it works and I also realized that I’m not a very good photographer.

So, no Facebook sharing of pictures for me. I’m not even sure anyone would be interested in seeing pictures of my favorite hangouts (bookstores, office equipment stores, etc.), so why would anyone want me to post them?

I also wonder what I could bring to the table that would be of interest to other Facebookers and even that is a struggle to understand because I live a very quiet life.

Ah, the mystery of Facebook friends. I wonder if I’ll ever understand it.

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