Giving up Too Soon

April 9, 2015

I might have to reexamine my rule about knowing when to quit an undertaking and move on to something more productive. In the past, I would give it my all and keep trying but, when I saw that I was banging my head against a stone wall, even after giving it my all, repeatedly, I thought that maybe I was supposed to be going in a different direction and I would stop what I was doing and regroup.

My modus operandi has always been to keep trying until I succeed and that means that when I encounter insurmountable obstacles, I step back from time to time and try to regroup and strategize how to make it work.

First I try to walk through the front door. If that doesn’t work, then I look for an opening in the side door or the back door. And, up until recently, I have always thought that if I’m still not getting anywhere after trying all my strategies, maybe it’s time to stop what I’m doing and redirect my energies elsewhere.

But what if I’ve been wrong? What if I stopped temporarily, went on to doing something else, and then went back to it sometime in the future? If I did that, time and distance would probably give me a different perspective, maybe different information, different options, and maybe even different results.

With that in mind, it bears remembering that with the passage of time, most things undergo some kind of changes. And just that concept alone could be the glimmer of hope that the human spirit can hang onto and not give up.

I’m a realist at heart. I don’t want to keep tilting at windmills like Don Quixote but nor do I want to give up my impossible dream if it’s just a question of timing. And, if it’s just a question of timing, along with my best efforts, then maybe I need to factor that into the equation and try again at a later date.

If timing, along with determination and ceaseless effort, can get us past our worst obstacles, then maybe every business deal can be salvaged and every relationship can be saved. Maybe all of life is just a matter of taking a step back, for however long it takes, and regrouping and allowing the universe to show us when the timing is right.

I think the main reason my thinking has been changing is because I keep hearing stories that start with, “At that time,” and ends with, “And now…” letting me know that at that time, nothing could have worked but if the person had waited until now, the timing would have been perfect.

I guess if we know that nothing is hopeless, and that if we wait for the perfect timing, it may be just a question of deciding if it’s worth the wait.

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