High School Students Get Time Out

September 17, 2014

Until recently, when you heard a parent telling her child he was getting time out and that he had to sit in a corner, the child was usually anywhere in age from a toddler to a child in kindergarten. Now, it’s being used for high school students who have broken the new dress code and have been sent to detention.

A New York high school principal has implemented a new dress code for the students and, so far, 200 students have gone to detention for violating it.

One parent called the school’s principal, who introduced the idea, a “total control freak” for the strict dress code and said he’s considering a class-action lawsuit against the school.

Other parents are saying they don’t mind the dress code because some students dress like they’re training to work at a strip club.

So, what is this new dress code that has everyone up in arms? Actually, it’s no more than the dress code that was in place in every school in the nation when I was growing up. Basically, it’s no tank tops, short-shorts, leggings, hats, hoodies and even sweats. In other words, it’s saying that when our students come to school, they are expected to dress appropriately. They are here to learn; they are not here to party or to hook up.

Some parents feel that girls are being unfairly punished because they make up to 90% of those in detention. I think if they make up 90% of those in detention, then their parents should take a very close look at the clothing they’re wearing to school.

From time to time, I’ve seen clusters of high school students hanging out in front of the school and my first impression has been that so many of the girls look like hookers with makeup that is so thick it looks like they troweled it on. Then, too, their body piercings and tattoos certainly make them look like they are there for anything but studying.

There’s a time and a place for everything. School is for learning and that’s where the focus should be. Since teachers don’t seem to be giving homework to their students, there should be plenty of time for students to socialize after school, at which time they can dress however they please. But, in school? Show respect for the education process and dress appropriately.

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