Holiday Chocolate Addiction

December 21, 2014

It’s interesting to read articles about allowing ourselves to eat chocolate in moderation over the holidays to prevent us from feeling deprived. Most of them advocate that we plan ahead so that it’s included in the meal and, that way, we’ll be too full from the meal to gorge on it.

I don’t know who these writers are but I can tell you, with absolute conviction, that if you have a sugar addiction, you won’t be able to stop with just a small amount of chocolate. It may start out that way. The family has just eaten a large meal. Everyone is stuffed to the gills, and then coffee and dessert are served.

For people who don’t have a chocolate addiction, that theory works just fine. Eat a big meal, eat a little chocolate dessert, and your chocolate cravings have been satisfied. For someone who does have a chocolate addiction or, more specifically, a sugar addiction, the opposite is true.

The usual scenario is that you will eat your rationed chocolate and then, when you are driving home, or you’re already home, the addiction kicks in and you feel compelled to drive to the next county in search of chocolate anything. At some point, it doesn’t matter what that chocolate anything is; it’s chocolate, and that’s all that matters.

A sugar addiction is one of the most difficult addictions to break because there is no stopping point until you’ve eaten it all. And, if you also have a chocolate addiction, it’s virtually impossible to stop until the last piece is gone.

The writers of those articles must have been thinking about the advice that is given about not doing your grocery shopping when you are hungry. And I definitely subscribe to that theory. If you’re hungry, everything looks good and the tendency is to buy more than you budgeted for and more than you would normally eat.

But chocolate is in another category altogether. Once you have your first bite, it takes on a mystical quality and you keep eating it and eating it to try to figure out what the attraction is and why you crave it.

No, we don’t equate it with a mystical quality; we just keep eating it because it’s an addiction and we feel powerless to stop it. But, as any foodie with a sugar/chocolate addiction will tell you, the only way to handle it at the holidays, is not to start it.

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