How Clothes Define Women

November 22, 2013

I’m from the old school: waste not, want not, so it has always bothered me that women make such a big production out of people seeing them wear the same outfit more than once.

Where do these expensive garments go? Even if they get donated to a charity, it’s still a lot of money to throw away for one wearing, even assuming you have gobs of money to throw away.

In many circles, women have different outfits for breakfast, for walking, or what is known as their day dress. They have more formal attire for dinner and much more formal eveningwear for parties or an evening at a social event.

Why do women spend so much time and money picking out outfits that they are only going to wear once? What is the point unless their lives are so utterly boring that that’s the highlight of their day? It just seems so senseless to me. I’d rather spend my time either reading a book or writing a book than run around from store to store looking for the perfect outfit that they’re only going to wear once.

Men have it so much easier. They get dressed in the morning in their business suit and that’s what they wear all day. They don’t rush home in the middle of the day to change into something else. Their only concession to style is if they have to change into a tuxedo for a formal social event for the evening.

I think the message that we have been receiving for centuries is that men have more important things to do than change their outfits five times a day and women have nothing better to do with their time so they don’t mind changing their attire for every little occasion

Recently, the media made such a big to-do over the fact that Kate Middleton wore the same outfit twice, and I seem to remember that the media made the same kind of to-do when Michelle Obama wore the same outfit twice for something else.

What’s the big deal? You would think with their heavy schedules, they’d be able to go to their closet and, depending on their mood, pick out something to wear and no one would gasp in horror if they’ve worn it ten times.

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