It’s Not Gold; It’s Dental Floss

October 29, 2014

Last night I got an email from Amazon asking me to answer a question from one of their customers about my experience with a previous order of dental floss. When I looked at their email, my first thought was dental floss is dental floss and I wondered what I could possibly tell their customer about dental floss that he didn’t already know.

It turns out that he was questioning their price of $47.00 for a pack of one. It didn’t sound right so I looked back over a previous order that I had gotten from somewhere else and saw that I had, indeed, paid $47.00 but it was for a pack of nine. Then I looked up another order I had placed with Amazon and their price had been $ 6.00 per item. With that that in mind, I decided to order several more from Amazon.

Right after I placed the order, I figured I’d better call Amazon and just check to make sure that I was getting multiple pieces and not just one piece for $47.00. When the representative looked at my order he said that the $47.00 is for just one piece. I told him to cancel the order.

His reaction was priceless. He asked me the reason I was canceling the order and I told him that I wasn’t going to pay $47.00 for one pack of dental floss and he kept saying over and over, “But, it’s for 90 yards.” I couldn’t get him to understand that I had paid $47.00 for nine packs of dental floss and each pack was 90 yards. I tried to get him to do the math but it didn’t penetrate; he kept saying, “But it’s for 90 yards.” I told him not to look for a job in economics or project management.

When I got off the phone with the representative, I answered Amazon’s customer’s question and told him my experience with canceling the order.

There must be a lot of people who imagine themselves qualified to take on the position of Chairman of the Federal Reserve but, after talking to the Amazon representative, I’m sure that Janet Yellen won’t have to worry about him replacing her.

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