Leaders and Followers

April 23, 2014

I have often wondered why parents spend more time training their children to follow orders rather than training them to think for themselves. In a culture where the common belief is that the masses are asses, it would make more sense to teach our children how to lead, rather than how to follow.

The military takes to heart the words of Alfred, Lord Tennyson in his poem, The Charge of the Light Brigade, “Theirs not to make reply,/ Theirs not to reason why,/ Theirs but to do & die./ Into the valley of death/ Rode the six hundred.” However, in a society where most people act as lemmings, jumping off cliffs, into the ocean without looking to see if they can swim across, this type of behavior is dangerous to us as individuals and to us as a society.

Not everyone has the capacity to lead, but most people have the capacity to think, to reason, to question, and yet, so few people do. It goes far in explaining how we have accepted a corrupt government getting fatter and fatter on the fruits of the labor of our workers. It explains how we have let unscrupulous politicians steal the money from our Social Security fund for their slush fund and how we let them get away with blaming the rest of us for Social Security going bust.

We keep hearing businessmen debating whether leaders are born or made as if it’s an either/or proposition. If you take a child and train him to think for himself and to question everything until it makes sense to him, you would see more children who grow into adults capable of leading armies,

You can have all the leadership workshops in creation in hopes of developing leadership qualities in employees, but if they can’t think for themselves and can’t initiate action plans, all the workshops in the world will fall far short of the mark.

If we want to spawn great leaders, we have to start training them from childhood on, not after they reach adulthood. If we wait until their thinking patterns are fully developed, we’ll never have the kind of leaders who can lead us into the next Golden Age.

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