Life’s Embarrassing Moments

November 19, 2013

I won’t say that this is THE most embarrassing moment I’ve ever had, because goodness knows I’ve had my share of a lot worse, but it ranks up there with one of my embarrassing moments.

Whenever I write anything, be it a blog, an article, a book, etc., I always write it as though I will be the only one who will ever read it. At the time I’m writing it, it doesn’t occur to me that anyone else will ever see it.

So, several days ago, I wrote about the trick my parents and I played on my younger brothers one Christmas. I’m several years older so I got to be in on the trick and my parents and I had a good time laughing as we were doing it.

I wrote about how we bought some fantastic toys for my brothers, gift wrapped them, and hid them in the closet. Then, we took all their old toys, fixed the ones that were broken, and painted them. I was in charge of wrapping them after they dried and I did a superlative job of it.

At first my brothers’ faces lit up at the brightly colored toys and then, by the third refurbished toy, they realized that we had painted their old toys and, to this day, they only remembered that they didn’t get anything for Christmas. They didn’t remember all the wonderful new toys we had bought them.

It never occurred to me that my brother would be going out to dinner with a few people the night before I wrote the article and he would recount that story, telling them that they didn’t get anything for Christmas that year. The next morning he came across my article and he called me immediately to discuss his perceptions.

I don’t know if he will ever remember the wonderful presents we bought them, but I remembered something else I had almost forgotten. My father had very expensive silk, knee-high socks and after he and my mother went to bed that night, I looked around for something to use for stocking fillers and the only thing I could find were his silk, knee-high socks.

I filled the bottoms with large oranges and put little gifts on top of the oranges. Little did I realize that the oranges were so heavy that they weighted down the socks and they never regained their original shape and my father was far from pleased.

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