Listening to Your Heart

November 22, 2014

If you ask someone why they chose their career, more often than not you get to hear a variety of reasons, but very few of them tell you that they entered their career because they loved it. And, if you ask them, years later, why they stay in their career if they don’t love it, you will find very few of them who tell you that they grew to love it.

Although we’d like to believe otherwise, most of our decisions are based on our emotions, so why don’t we listen to our heart when it comes to our career? Our choice of marriage partner is usually based on our emotions, so, again, why don’t we listen to our heart when it comes to our career?

In the old days, when a marriage lasted all your life, you might justify your decision for your choice of partner based on your emotions, but nowadays, when your career is more likely to last many decades longer than your marriage, it begs the question of why leaving your marriage is easier than leaving your career.

For most of the years I’ve been in practice, I have asked hundreds of clients what they feel passionate about. At first, I was just curious to find out what makes people tick. Later on, I used that question as a springboard for steering them into a career they would love.

The most amazing thing that I discovered is that most people look at you blankly, as if they never considered that question. Others have told me they don’t feel passionate about anything and, still others, have told me that there are so many things they feel passionate about that they can’t narrow it down to just one or two things, but when you drill down into it, they don’t really feel passionate about any of them.

Having an interest in something is not the same thing as feeling passionate about it. You can say you feel passionate about wanting world peace, but unless you take some kind of action to try to bring about world peace, it’s only an interest, not a passion.

Passion is the force that animates you. It gives you a purpose and brings more meaning to your existence. It also gives you the courage to overcome obstacles and meet any challenges that come your way and, in some small way, it helps you become a better person.

With that in mind, what do you feel passionate about?

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