Locked In, Locked Out

November 12, 2014

Did you ever have a day start out where you knew you shouldn’t have gotten out of bed? That was yesterday.

I had set the alarm for an hour and a half earlier than usual because I had so many things to accomplish. Bleary-eyed I got out of bed, turned off the alarm and set about getting ready for my day. But no one told me that it was a holiday and most of the things on my to-do list had to be done when the banks and post office were open.

My first stop was the bank and I got there at opening time. There wasn’t a car in the parking lot but I saw that a light was on inside the bank so I got out of my car and tried the door. Locked. I got back in my car and called their 800 number and was told that it was a holiday and the bank was closed. Disappointed, I went home because I figured if the bank was closed, the post office would be, too. And, of course, it was.

I pulled into my garage, turned off the ignition, and couldn’t get my key out. I could go forward and backward; I could drive around, but I couldn’t get out of the car because I couldn’t leave the car unlocked. I also couldn’t get into my house because the car key is on the same key ring as my house key.

Murphy’s Law meant that I didn’t remember my cell phone number but I was able to call my auto plan number because the card was with me in my briefcase. I asked the representative if my plan covered a locksmith and, of course, it didn’t. My old plan covered a locksmith and I had never used it; this one doesn’t cover a locksmith, and I needed one.

I asked the representative to call a locksmith for me and not to disconnect our call until one was reached. Very reluctantly, she stayed on the line until they answered the phone.

After the locksmith said he’d be here soon, I hung up and reached for my Kindle, thinking I’d read a book while I waited. The battery on the Kindle was dead. No book. And the rest of the day was no better.

Sometimes it doesn’t pay to get out of bed.

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