Looking for an Honest Opinion

February 12, 2015

I don’t notice your skin getting dry and your jeans look fine to me and they don’t make your fanny look fat. If you think you’re overweight, go on a diet; don’t ask me if you look like you’ve gained weight. You have the same mirror I look into each day. It doesn’t make one of us look good and the other one look bad; it makes us look exactly as we are.

Believe it or not, these are the same issues I hear all the time from people who share living space and they cause a lot of contention. It doesn’t seem to make any difference if it’s between husband and wife or two roommates who don’t have a significant relationship. These are very subjective opinions and if you don’t want to hear their answers, don’t ask those questions.

I hate shopping. It’s one of the most boring things I’ve ever been asked to do, yet, from time to time, I’ve gotten roped into going with a friend to pick out an outfit for her.

Jeans are jeans. If they are really sagging, I’ll probably notice them. If they are too tight and make you look like your tummy is squashed into the bottom half and your top needs a top of its own, I’ll probably notice that, too. But more than that, I can’t promise you.

I once went shopping for jeans with my friend. She had a gorgeous figure and whatever she tried on, looked good on her. I couldn’t see the difference in the fit of one pair of jeans over another and she was so disgusted with me that she said, “I shouldn’t have asked you to come with me; you’re of no use to me. You can’t see the difference in the fit of any of these jeans on me.”

And she was right but only because there was no difference in the way they fit. When you have a perfect body, you can wear anything and look fantastic. It’s the ones whose bodies are pear-shaped or they’re carrying their weight disproportionately, that I’ll notice a difference in the way their garments fit. Other than that, don’t ask me for how something fits.

When I got through with that experience, I was congratulating myself for sitting in that stuffy dressing room and not reading the book that was in my briefcase. I don’t remember the book I was reading but it had to be more interesting than the fashion show I was watching.

I never take anyone shopping with me. If I feel fat in a garment, it doesn’t matter what you think; I’ll never wear it. If I think it looks good on me, I’ll probably wear it to death no matter what you think.

If you do make the mistake of dragging me with you to pick out an outfit, please don’t ask me for my honest opinion about how it looks on you because you’ll get it. I really hate shopping.

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