Looks Aren’t Everything??

May 18, 2014

There have been numerous studies showing how beautiful people “earn more than their average-looking peers, are more likely to be given loans by banks, and are less likely to be convicted by a jury. Voters prefer better-looking candidates; students prefer better-looking professors, while teachers prefer better-looking students. Mothers, those icons of blind love, have been shown to favor their more attractive children.”

Now there is even a study showing that we should choose ugly people in business because “unattractive people command lower salaries and are less likely to jump for another job because, on average, they’re in less demand. Yet in most jobs, looks has little to do with job performance.”

They also said that unattractive people would work harder to have a good personality because they can’t get by on their looks. And I think that’s a lot of rubbish. Unattractive people can be just as lazy in and out of the workplace and they are often too intimidated and defeated to try to develop a sparkling personality.

To validate their last point that, in most cases, looks have little to do with job performance, I remember when I had my own radio show. The Program Director was so excited that he had just hired a DJ for the morning show who was very pretty and my thought was “And her looks are important for a radio show?”

Their study showed that “less attractive people are more likely to be appreciative, loyal, and kind friends because they know their looks are often viewed as a negative.”

This is nonsense. There are just as many unattractive people who are bitchy, disloyal, and would stab you in the back just because they’re jealous of your good looks and better opportunities.

Of course, this wouldn’t be a complete study if they didn’t cover the mating game. Their conclusion was that “an unattractive mate is more likely to be loyal and eager to please” and I couldn’t stop myself from laughing at their findings.

I remember talking to a beautiful woman who had married a dumpy-looking man with a big paunch. She told me that the reason she had married him was because he wasn’t good-looking and, therefore, would never cheat on her. Long story short . . . a few years later this dumpy-looking man had an affair with someone and divorced his beautiful wife.

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