Make Your Hobby Your Career

November 27, 2014

One of the most fascinating things I’ve ever encountered is the creativity and productivity that a hobby engenders and, yet, so few people turn their hobbies into their career. I have asked many people why they don’t use their talent to earn a living and the answer I receive so often is that if they did that, they wouldn’t enjoy their hobby, it would just be another job.

My thoughts are different. Turn your hobby, which is something you love and excel at, into your livelihood, so that you look forward to going to work every day, and then find yourself another hobby.

There are many people who enjoy wood carving and they make the most amazing sculptures and furniture. Whenever they have a problem or they are under a great deal of stress, they go to their designated workspace and whittle away at a piece of wood while trying to think of a solution to their problem.

These beautiful wood carvings and pieces of furniture could be the answer to their financial problems but most of these talented artists don’t want to sell their masterpieces, For them, the carvings are a way of handling stress, not earning a living.

There are so many people who use cooking or baking as a way of dealing with their emotions. Some of the people bake such extraordinary desserts that I’ve told them to sell their baked goods over the Internet or to local restaurants. Others, cook such mouth-watering meals that I’ve told some of them to start a catering service or open a restaurant. But, here, too, they want to have an outlet for dealing with their emotions; they don’t want to make it into a job.

Same too, with people who design and sew their own clothes. Some of their creations are so beautiful that they could open a shop or sell them over the Internet. But, no, they want to be able to enjoy their hobby; they don’t want to see it as a job.

I can see their point of view but I know that if I had a marketable skill, and finances were tight, I’d explore the possibilities of using that talent to pay the bills. And then I’d find another hobby to use as a way of venting my emotions.

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