Man-eater, Deliberately Cruel but Not Sorry

April 17, 2014

I came across an open letter to the wife of her boyfriend by a woman, whose motive escapes me. She starts out by saying she isn’t sorry for what she has done and then goes on to show how she deliberately entered into an affair to hurt his wife. She bragged about kissing him on the stoop of his house while his wife’s birthday was being celebrated in their backyard.

She detailed how she deliberately kept her boyfriend from going home to his wife and how he had to rush home at 3:30 a.m. without showering first so that he reeked of her scent when he walked in the bedroom door. And how she took pleasure in knowing that.

She goes on to say that her boyfriend broke up with her the year before, not because he wanted to save his marriage but because their relationship was causing her more pain than joy and she knew he would never leave his wife and children. He broke it off because it hurt her every time he kissed her goodbye to go home to his wife and how he could live with cheating on his wife but he couldn’t live with hurting her.

All of her tactics were carefully orchestrated to hurt his wife but she doesn’t say what his wife ever did to her to cause such malice. She doesn’t even say if his wife had done anything to her. But a few things she makes abundantly clear; she did everything deliberately, she has no regrets, and she took pleasure in hurting his wife.

Interestingly enough, she doesn’t even say whether she had fallen in love with him as her motive for pursuing him or if she had ever been in love with him. What she does say is that it hurt her when he kissed her goodbye to go home to his wife. That sounds more like petulance that she wasn’t getting her way than that she loved him so much that she couldn’t live without him.

They say what goes around, comes around, so I can only assume that someday she will love someone so passionately, and someone will come along to capture his love in a way that will not only be humiliating, but tear at her so profoundly, that she will regret her previous actions all the days of her life.

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