Men for Rent

June 7, 2014

The concept of renting a man has gone through some evolutionary changes. One of my earlier clients was a paid escort. He was usually paid by the evening or by the week and he was required to know all the social skills. He escorted women to weddings, charity events, family reunions, and vacations all over the world so they wouldn’t have to go to those functions alone. Sex was optional.

The paid escort was different from a gigolo in that the escort worked for an agency and he wasn’t obliged to have sex with the woman, whereas a gigolo was self-employed and sex was part of his requirements.

A few decades later, something new was added. A startup company had a service offering men who, for an hourly rate, came to your house and they would do any job you wanted them to do. They would take out your garbage, fix a leak under your sink, walk your dogs, cook your dinners for the week and freeze them, grocery shop for you, etc., and no job would be too big or too small. They had a fleet of trucks for the many men who went out on these assignments.

Now a new attraction has been added to the mix. This one, called Rent-A-Gent has entered the digital era. The men are now selected to escort women to various functions, but they also do chores and go on dates. All for $200 an hour.

Here’s where the digital age comes in . . . You can see the men on your smartphone and book one electronically. They are selected from a group of smart and handsome men to do handyman chores, be personal chefs, and go on dates. They are divided into categories based on their profession, and under each picture of a drop-dead gorgeous man, is his profile, listing his interests and achievements.

The men go through a rigorous interview process before a panel of many women. They have to be handsome, intelligent, and educated as well as having some kind of talent, and both the gents and the women sign contracts that there will be no sex while on the job (if the men hook up later, they will be fired).

The women who rent these men aren’t looking for happily-ever-after; they just want to have fun for a couple of hours with someone who is the whole package.

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