Millennials Are Getting a Bad Rap

May 8, 2014

I just read an interesting article that says that millennials do not consider themselves adults. It goes on to say that they become unglued if their parents don’t keep track of their schedules and they have trouble balancing school, socializing, homework, and laundry.

Since when do millennials corner the market on having difficulty balancing housework and doing their homework or keeping track of their schedules?

In my day, men walked away from those tasks, leaving it up to their wives to keep the household running smoothly and acting as their husband’s social secretary. She also got roped into typing her husband’s term papers and even helping him study for exams. And that was more generations ago than I care to remember.

The article went on to say that millennials are bringing their parents to job interviews and that companies such as LinkedIn and Google host take-your-parents-to-work days. I haven’t run across this trend but, if it’s true, then I can understand why millennials are having a hard time getting good jobs.

I’m having trouble visualizing such a large segment of society wanting to be treated like adults, yet acting like they’re barely out of diapers. I’m also trying to visualize my parents going with me on job interviews. They willingly went to PTA meetings and Parent-Teacher conferences but my guess is that they would have drawn the line at take-your-parents-to-work days.

The article went on to say that millennials are “shocked to discover that the car needs gas, dry cleaning needs to be picked up, or that the refrigerator is empty.”

Welcome to the real world. I know many men and women who are in their fifties and sixties who still sound surprised that they have run out of clean clothing, forgot to fill the gas tank, and didn’t realize that if they want to eat dinner tonight, they’d better run out to the store and buy some groceries because the refrigerator is empty.

I might be tempted to blame millennials for their lack of accountability, their entitlement issues, and their irresponsibility about finances and commitments, if I didn’t see the same traits in their parents.

Generational characteristics can be blamed for only so much; the rest of it is tied to parenting and the fabric of society as a whole.

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