My Life in a Fortune Cookie

July 3, 2014

I’m not usually given to looking for signs from the universe to guide me in my daily decisions but, for a very brief period of time, that’s exactly what I did.

It all began, many years ago, when I went to a Chinese restaurant with a couple of friends. We were having a lovely evening and eating our way to Nirvana when the waitress came over and gave us our Fortune cookies.

I usually smile when I read the superficial sayings in the Fortune cookies but that night, all three of us received messages that were meaningful. My friends were told things about their careers, all of them true and all of them significant. My fortune told of a trip that I would be taking and, it too, was true. My hotel and plane reservations had already been booked and my speaking engagement had already been confirmed. And everything it said, proved to be true.

From then on, and for many months after, I managed to go to a Chinese restaurant at least once a month so that I could get my Fortune cookie. And if I couldn’t get out to go to the restaurant, I had a meal delivered. It didn’t matter whether the meal was good as long as I got my Fortune cookie.

For the next several months, my universe seemed to be contained in a Fortune cookie and I kept looking for signs that I was on the right path. There’s nothing like the power of the mind to convince you that if you just open one more cellophane-wrapped cookie, you would know what all your tomorrows would bring.

Needless to say, a few months later, my cookie message was so trite that it didn’t bear thinking about. At first, I toyed with the idea of asking the waitress to bring me another Fortune cookie so that I could get a different message, but then I thought that if I was meant to have a more meaningful message, I would have had one.

The next few times were just as unproductive; all the messages went back to being superficial and meaningless, so I stopped going to Chinese restaurants.

I guess my lesson in all of this was that I needed to go more deeply within, via my meditations, and not depend on external sources for guidance. And that was the end of my Fortune cookie caper.

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