Past Lives and Future Lives

November 14, 2014

More and more people are accepting the possibility that we have lived before and that the universal law of karma does exist. Many people have been hypnotized into a previous life and have gone on to write books about their past life experiences.

Now that scientists are getting interested in the concept of time travel, they are saying that using Einstein’s theory of relativity, we will be able to go into the future, but traveling back in time may not be possible. My thought has always been that if you can go forward in time, there must be a way to go back in time.

There have been numerous paranormal books exploring the concept of finding wormholes that allow you to go back in time. Some of them have come up with the theory that these wormholes only stay open for a limited time so, if you travel back to a previous lifetime and you want to come back to the present lifetime, you have to know how much time you have in which to make that roundtrip journey.

But, this brings up the law of karma. If we can travel back in time, can we correct our mistakes in a previous life so that we don’t reap the negative karma in this life from our dissolute actions of the past? In other words, if we really can go back in time and correct our mistakes, and find the wormhole to bring us back to this lifetime, will our negative karma be erased as if it had never existed?

Following that line of questioning, we would have to look at a different part of the karmic picture. We have all experienced some kind of déjà vu, the strong feeling that you have already seen or experienced something. Therefore, it is reasonable to think that we might have been looking into our own future.

If, indeed, we are capable of seeing our own future, can we not also manipulate the law of karma so that we know what to expect and thus, be able to circumvent the hardships associated with negative karma?

For those of us who like thinking about “what if” scenarios, the possibilities are infinite and worth pondering.

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