Penalized for Winning Fairly

September 22, 2013

Sometimes I think the people who are in charge of educating and motivating our children to learn, must take Stupid pills. There can’t be any other explanation for this kind of dumb behavior.

The director of a public library wants to penalize a nine-year-old boy for reading too many books. He read 63 books in a month and a half so he could win the Dig Into Reading competition. Now this brilliant library director wants him banned from the contest that he just won for the fifth year in a row so he could give other children a chance to win.

It doesn’t make sense. He took the initiative and read more books than the other contestants and now the message he’s receiving is that reading is a bad thing. Fortunately, he’s smart enough to know that this library director is wrong. The message is wrong because he has read 373 books over the course of five contests that began when he was in kindergarten.

Things began to unravel when the library director told a reporter that this boy should step aside and let other children win because the other kids quit when they see they can’t keep up. She said that this boy hogs the contest and she planned to change the rules mid-contest to pick winners from a hat so that she could deny him his prize.

Some of the students read ten books, the minimum number of books to qualify for entering the contest. The library aide stood up for the boy saying that he deserved to win. He worked hard and read the most books.

The director has since left the library but no one knows whether she left voluntarily or if she was fired. The library aide, however, having worked there without a complaint for 28 years, was fired for standing up for the boy. She said, “My feeling is you work, you get it. That’s just the way it is in anything.”

This library aide needs to be rehired and receive back pay retroactively for being the only one in that library system who knows the value of hard work and free enterprise, to say nothing of fair play. I wonder if Bill Gates should have been banned from entering Harvard because people like me couldn’t keep up with him.

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