Perverted Sense of Humor

June 24, 2014

I just came across a photo with the caption that says, “A form of punishment that really sticks. Forget time outs and spankings — today’s parents are using this hilarious tactic to discipline their children.” The picture shows a toddler duct-taped to a wall and a stuffed animal, duct-taped to the wall, next to him.

Hilarious tactic??? Can someone spell child abuse? I know that child abuse exists but I can’t believe that the editor of this column thinks this form of punishment is funny.

Have we sunk so low that we look at a picture of a kid on the verge of tears, duct-taped to a wall, high above the ground, and think this is funny? And does a child this young have the cognitive ability to associate this form of punishment with his misbehavior?

The parent who used this as a form of punishment should be reported to the authorities and the child taken from her or him. And the editor, who not only allowed the picture to be used in the column, but also told her readers that this was a hilarious form of punishment, should be fired from her job.

There were several other pictures of children who were duct-taped to walls, some with parents smiling, but none of the children looked happy. None of them looked like they were associating their misdeed with the punishment they were receiving.

Can you imagine the nightmares these children will have long after this experience? Can you imagine the rest of these children’s lives being at the mercy of parents whose idea of humor is to pin their child to a wall, high off the ground, as a form of punishment?

These parents don’t deserve to have children. If this were during a war, the Geneva Conference would probably classify these acts as torture. But, to think that this is happening during peace time as a humorous way of punishing their children, is inexcusable.

It’s too bad that people don’t have to take psychological tests, in much the same way they have to take drivers tests, before they can be licensed to become parents.

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