Physician, Heal Thyself

January 22, 2017

Throughout the years, I had always heard the expression, “Physician, heal thyself” and I always wondered why, if it was possible, didn’t they do it. When I started studying metaphysics, I wanted to delve more into the meaning of that proverb and what I discovered was that there is a very sound reason for believing it can be done.

This will probably require a leap of faith but I truly believe that there is a cellular memory of our bodies and that our bodies remember the perfection within us and it knows how we can access that perfection if the desire and the will are strong enough.

Just look at the growing number of people who have been in a coma for months or years and when doctors pronounce them dead, they come out of their coma with their faculties fully restored. Is that not an example of cellular memory?

How else can we explain daily MRIs showing a person is brain dead and then all of a sudden, he or she opens his eyes and starts to talk? How else can we explain someone who has had a stroke and is paralyzed on one side, eventually regaining complete bodily function?

I once came across a booklet by Harry Edwards, one of the world’s most renowned healers of his day. He founded the Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary where patients experienced miracles taking place on a daily basis.

In his booklet, he talked about talking to the atrophied limbs and coaxing them back into wellness. Although his booklet didn’t come right out and say it, he was actually making use of this cellular memory to cure his patients.

Many years later, my friend was telling me that his father, who had a stroke, couldn’t move his limbs on one side. I suggested that he tell his father to visualize his hand opening and closing and to visualize his fingers holding an object. Once his brain sent the message to his hand, the healing could begin.

I walked him through the process, both in the visualization and in the talking to his limbs and getting them to gently respond to his commands. He told his family what I had said and they thought the idea was ridiculous until their father’s neurologist told them the same thing.

We don’t know what we hold within ourselves that can help us through the worst days of our lives. My guess is that with a little practice, a lot of desire, and an enormous amount of determination, we can heal ourselves emotionally, mentally, and physically.

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