Pornography Scholarships

June 9, 2014

Many college students who are blessed with a beautiful body and a great mind are paying for their college education with jobs as strippers. They go to school during the day and then they go to their night jobs as a stripper in various dance clubs.

These women aren’t airheads. Some are studying law, psychology, political science, and different careers in the science fields. And most of them are straight A students.

Tuition has gotten so expensive that students find themselves with unprecedented debt along with their college diploma, and a large percentage of them can’t find jobs after graduation or have to take jobs that don’t require a college education.

After graduation, some of them take jobs as nannies and some of them take any job they can, even minimum wage jobs, just to put food on the table. But it’s the students who want to be debt-free when they graduate, who are trying to be creative in ways to earn a lot of money while they are going to school to pay for their tuition, who are coming up with occupations that don’t always meet with the approval of conventional society.

One of the strippers said that she can make more in one night at the club than working 40 hours a week waiting tables, and that by stripping four nights a week, and studying the rest of the time, she can make $180,000 a year and be debt-free when she graduates.

I can’t say I disagree with her way of thinking. If she is taking these stripping jobs while she is still a student, no employer will be asking her for her résumé as soon as she graduates; they will just assume that she spent those four years going to school and not working.

Although waitressing has a better connotation than stripping, many pretty waitresses have to endure customers groping and pawing them as if they were part of the dinner menu that they were paying for. So, which is more degrading . . . being pawed by a customer as you’re serving his dinner or being pawed by a customer who is watching you strip?

It’s heartbreaking to see people who want a college education, have to turn away from it because they can’t afford it, and they especially can’t afford to graduate with an astronomical student loan debt and no job waiting for them.

Can you say, “Would you like fries with your order?”

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